Puerto Rican Coqui – Frog

If you have ever been to Puerto Rico you know about their famous frogs. They are called ‘coqui’ meaning little frog and there are around 300 different varieties. They don’t ‘ribbit’ like frogs in California, they say their own name very loudly, over and over again from sunset to sunrise. Here is an audio clip of a coqui; KO-KEE.

Imagine 100’s of these little frogs yelling their name all night long. Eventually, it becomes white noise, but in the beginning, they are loud. Here is the kicker though, I have been coming to Puerto Rico for 15 years (as a surfing tourist) and had never actually seen a coqui. They are extremely elusive.

Because of this, Summer has a conspiracy theory. Here it is; The constant “Ko-KEE” noises that last all night long in actuality are really made by giant cockroaches. Knowing this is bad for tourism, the tourism board of Puerto Rico has fabricated the story about the coqui so as not to deter tourists from visiting.

Who would want to visit an island with singing cockroaches? She is genius, I never would have thought that. Man, cover-up after cover-up, when will the madness end?

The madness ended last night. I came home from the The Pool Bar where I had a great dinner of rice/beans, breadfruit and chicken ka-bobs and there was a coqui waiting for me on the front porch. I think word got out about Summers little conspiracy theory so they sent this little guy over prove her wrong (they probably get some sort of kick-back from tourism taxes or something).

I pulled out my camera, set it to MACRO mode and got up real close and personal with this coqui. I took about a dozen shots, but these two looked the best. At one point, he jumped from a chair to the door and he was lightning fast!

Puerto Rico Frog, the Coqui

Coqui Frog

7 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Coqui – Frog”

  1. i just hate when someone so low in iq had the reason to even talk like that roach bitch you probly look like so quick to ruin something so beautifull like the famos frog i think its just ignorance someone could’nt be so ugly!

  2. Well i haven’t been to Puerto Rico before but i have heard that the frogs are quite fasinating and they help people sleep at night. i am doing a project on these types of frogs and they don’t do anything wrong so i don’t understand why people try to kill them and say they are cockroaches or whatever.

  3. to whom it may concern leave the coqui. its a beuterfull famuse and it belongs only to pureto rico it dose not belong anywhere else some poeple take tham from the iland to other ilands and thay die leave them where thay are at please. dont destroy tham thay dont hurt anyone there sound is there music to us and always well be.

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