19 Mar 2008

Time for Tomato Cages

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The tomatoes that Eddie planted in the cool garden beds that he made, are starting to get big. So Stefan and I decided it was time to make some tomato cages. Luckly(?) we have 6 big rolls of fencing left over from putting up the fence in the backyard, so we recycled one roll into tomato cages.

Making tomato cages:

tomato cages puerto rico

Caging tomato plant:

tomato cages puerto rico

Tomato plants caged:

tomato cages puerto rico

Look! Tomatoes!:

tomato cages puerto rico

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6 Responses to “Time for Tomato Cages”

  1. Rosa Says:

    OH, I am so coming over and getting some of your fresh tomatoes! That is so great.
    Hey, the place that we told you about is called “Top Meat” in Guaynabo, great food, great wine, great Kobe mini burgers. check it out next time you are in the San Juan area.

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  2. RobinQ Says:

    I am so glad you got your tomatoes caged because at this point it would be a shame if they ran away from home.

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  3. Stefan Says:

    Running tomatoes? Are they related to the “killer tomatoes”? This place is dangerous….

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  4. RobinQ Says:

    Killer Tomatoes…….Trivia: Did you know that the actors (most), director and producer where in my HS graduating class. All around the high school were tomatoe fields as far as you could see and many a party within. I think someone must have had a freaky experience at one of the parties or something and thus the movie. They were very proud at 10 year reunion that it had been voted worst movie or something like that. haha

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  5. jeff Says:

    How do you pick the fruit when you can’t fit your hand through the tiny cage holes?

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  6. John Says:

    How do you get the tomato’s through the small holes?

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