Politics and Utilities

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For the past two months, we have been loosing power to the house regularly. We have had plenty of tropical storm action blowing harsh winds and dropping dozens of inches of rain on us here in Rincon and I have attributed the regular power outages to the weather conditions. Well, last night at poker, some of the local


Why Did We Move to Puerto Rico?

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When people find out that Stefan and I live in Puerto Rico, most people ask: "Why did you move to Puerto Rico?!" Well, let me put it to you this way... Stefan about to get shacked in PR:Photo: Rachel Tanner And there you have one of the many reasons why we moved from California to Puerto Rico ;).


The Cat, The Rat and the Aftermath

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I am not sure how to start this blog, because I have a story to tell, that someone told me. Here's his story: His cat, Ham, cruised in through the cat door of his house with a mouse in his mouth a couple weeks ago in the middle of the night. Hammy, with the mouse in his mouth,


Power Outage and Rainy Weather

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I woke up this morning at 6:00am. I have a lot of things I would like to do today, none of them are related to working on the house or yard :-) I worked on 'work stuff' all day Saturday to take today (Monday) off and go golfing. The only thing stopping me from going to Aguadilla to


A Nice Cut – House is Looking Good

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After a few hours of grass cutting, weed eating and weed pulling, the house is really looking good these days. Rainy seasons downpours combined with the hard work Summer and I have been putting in on the daily basis is really starting to pay off. You can see how the lawn looked 7 full days before I cut


Pretty Bouquet from the Yard

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Here is a pretty bouquet I made from clipping from the yard! I clipped some red and yellow heliconias, deep pink ginger flowers, areca palm frans and a giant tahitian torch ginger flower (from Mark). I got the idea after trimming up the front planters and thinking that it was a waste to throw away such pretty flowers...So


Econo Grocery Store Stepping It Up

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I know, I mention our local Rincon grocery store stepping it up and you are expecting me to tell you about locally grown fruit that didn't sit on a cargo ship all the way from California or perhaps a new wine cellar in the back that I just discovered (just kidding), but instead I am going to tell


Before & After Yard Pictures: 1 Year

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It has been a year since we started landscaping our originally dusty and barren property...and what a difference some greenery makes! Front of the house a year ago: Front of the house now: When we 1st planted the elephant ears: The elephant ears are now 6 feet tall! Pretty weird that Kuta is still in the same place


Star Players – Landscaping Games 2008

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I didn't realize, and I'm sure most first time home buyers and Do It Youselfers don't realize how much coin it actually takes to build a house; kitchen cabinets, tile, grout, skilled labor, treated wood, finishing wood, counter tops, appliances, wiring, lighting, fans, floors, locks, driveways, furniture...... Summer and I are managing the expensive work little by little


Blue Stone Path Complete

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I have been making some great progress on the front yard hard-scaping lately. We finished up the really hard part of our rock platform in the driveway last week. Now, I have to finish cleaning the brown stone and granular dirt off of the rocks, fill in between the rocks with topsoil and then seed it, water it