Cool, Contemporary Furniture in Puerto Rico

As most of you know, Stefan and I have had a hard time finding contemporary furniture while trying to furnish our house in Puerto Rico, but I just discovered something awesome!! ships to Puerto Rico!! And they don’t even rape you in shipping fees (shipping costs are generally 10% of your order price).

cool modern furniture puerto rico

So, I took care of that problem I was having with lacking a place to put our books, and ordered the “Scaffold Bookcase“.

I bought quite a few things, spent around $600 and shipping was only $50. I also updated the list I’ve made of websites and stores that ship to Puerto Rico. Anyone know of any additional websites that I can add to the list? :)

11 thoughts on “Cool, Contemporary Furniture in Puerto Rico”

  1. Holy crap, a day late and a dollar short. We just few home to NJ yesterday after a fun filled week shopping for our house in Puntas. My husband said he will NEVER drive through Mayaguez again after 11am and the farthest he will go is Home Depot.
    After searching all week for funiture that isn’t like “Casa Febus” on Rt 2 we did end up getting stuff at “Rooms to Go” and “Rattan Originals”, we even bought a futon at Walmart and a few extras at Rooms to Go liquidation, but it was not all that I really wanted. Nice to know i can get some stuff delivered. I WANT A TARGET IN MAYAGUEZ NEXT TO SAMS CLUB.. is that too much to ask?
    Well at least my husband got a few waves at Domes and Marias on Saturday.

  2. While does technically ship to PR, they charge ridiculous handling charges (as least a $50 “surcharge” on top of the actual shipping costs). I wasn’t that impressed when we went to the West Elm in San Juan. Is it just me, or has West Elm offered the exact same furniture for the past several years?

  3. Hi
    I am still looking for a chaise lounge chair for our bedroom. We had no luck at the Rattan Store in Mayaguez. Any ideas?
    Good seeing you on sunday!

  4. Rosa, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a Rattan chaise lounge. We had a great time Sunday. We’ll host the next one on your next trip down. Did you guys hit up that new (to us) Italian restaurant in Aguada?

  5. Yes we did! Very well decorated inside. Sangria was Ok. Everyone enjoyed their meal, I had Lobster Ravioli, and I should have ordered it with white sauce vs red sauce, Frank had seafood fra diablo, he loved it. Everyone else said that their dish was very good. Great crispy bread! The desserts were very good! The other couple that took us there (Gary & Audrey)said that this was not their first time and that each time they went, it was good. So when you go, Enjoy!

  6. Viva Carpet Outlet..roosevelt ave
    Koper…eleanor roosevelt ave
    if you order from pottery barn in sore they don’t charge for shipping or delivery
    Ambient Moderne…..roosevelt ave
    All are good if you catch a sale…and ask for a discount

  7. I know this is an old post, but we finally finished our house in Arecibo(after 3yrs of building little by little)and now we have the task of furnishing it.I found a place called that ships to PR.Their things are VERY modern.Some of it, a little too much so for my taste,but they have a few things I like.The site said $150 shipping For a $1500 sectional.I will definitely check out CB2.I wouldn’t have even thought of them.Thanks!

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