Driveway Drain Complete | Flood Control

It is very important to not try to fight rain and water when you live in the tropics, it is better to work with it and divert it to somewhere it will want to go (downhill). When we first started working on the house, every heavy downpour we had was accompanied by about 30 little streams starting at the top of the hill and ending either bouncing off of the house or in giant puddles in our 4×4 only driveway.

Slowly but surely we have been working on diverting the water away from the house and off of the driveway to one of the streams that flanks both sides of our property. We excavated the front yard, scraped the sides of the hill, put in rain gutters and last week we finished our water diversion efforts by building a drain at the bottom of our driveway to divert all of the water off the side of the property.

Like pretty much EVERY project I have done at this house, I figured it would be an easy 1, 2, 3 project that wouldn’t cost too much. I should have known better. Everything costs more than we think it is going to and even the most mellow tasks turn difficult when working in the Caribbean sun.

Regardless of the difficulty and cost, water diversion is important so Jerry and I busted out a drain last week in 3 days. We dug the ditch, built the forms, bent the rebarb, installed the rebarb, mixed and poured the concrete and then cut and welded the grate to go over the drain. It wasn’t easy work, but we’ve done much harder work and now it is done.

I took some pictures of the work, check ‘em out:

digging for the drain and form
driveway grate and drain out of concrete and steel
concrete and steel drain
water and erosion control
no more front yard flooding
finished steel grate and drain for our driveway

6 thoughts on “Driveway Drain Complete | Flood Control”

  1. darn good job, WOW. I am so impressed, you should feel so proud. Everything takes time and as you said $$, but at the end of the day, you accomplished something that needed to be done and it looks good.

  2. That is pretty cool. How did you decide on how large to make it? I assume the water is somewhat unpredictable and ‘bigger is better’ is the case.

    Nice job. I can’t wait to have this problem (too muc water in the tropics!! ;)

  3. Bulbboy:
    Monkey is being loved, but when I am not around she is separated from Kuta and Summer. Also, she now has a special fenced in area in the yard where she will live when we have guests over that have children or dogs. We love Monkey, but she just can’t be trusted….stupid fighting dog bloodline.

    I put in a drain that I bought at Home Depot at the top of the driveway and it is only 4 inches wide and it has screws every 6 inches holding it down. It is such a pain in the ass to clean that it barely gets cleaned out. I decided that I wanted this drain to be wide enough to fit a flat shovel into so when it’s time to clean it out, I could just take the grate off and scoop out all of the dirt, leaves etc that gets stuck in there with a shovel.

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