Questions about Puerto Rico

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Believe it or not, we get a ton of emails from people all over the country, that have questions about Puerto Rico. So many emails, in fact, that we don't really have time to answer them all. With that in mind, we've created a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that hopefully will help answer peoples questions about Puerto


Living It Up In Rincon

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It has been a great past couple of weeks. Work has been really busy for both Summer and I. The surf has been mediocre after an insane couple of months and Summer and I have fallen into a great schedule with Sydney. The schedule thing is VERY important. It gives both Summer and I time to do things


Looking Down On Us – Cool Picture

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We have all kinds of pictures of the house through different stages of construction, but they all focus on the house. More than ever, Summer and I are learning that a house is just a house, it becomes a home over the years you live there, customize things, learn your neighborhood and work the dirt. Sydney and I