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PR to CR…Temporarily ;)

While we love our home in Puerto Rico, the summer months tend to get pretty brutally hot (and the surf is notoriously flat), so we find this time of year to be a good time to see the world. This year we decided to visit some friends in Costa Rica and soak up the Pura Vida for a month. Costa Rica was actually first on our hit list when we decided to run away from home (although we have no regrets on ending up in Puerto Rico!). The surf, beaches, jungle, culture and food in Costa Rica is SO amazing and we are having a great time with great friends. Sydney is getting so much easier to travel with (not that this stopped us before!) and it’s nice to shake up the routine of our daily lives.

The place we are currently staying at is absolutely the most awesome place I have ever stayed at, anywhere. Seriously, I can not think of one thing I would change about Batik Blue.

Some pictures of our temporary home away from home:

Batik Blue is an amazing villa located a very short walk, through monkey filled jungle, to a great surf break and kid friendly beach. This place was built green, is the ultimate indoor/outdoor living situation, private pool, wonderful/friendly owners, dreamy beds, plush linens, and is literally located across the street from Stefan’s BFF, who is an amazing private chef here in Costa Rica (yes, we’ve been eating very well!). Our original plan involved a lot more “roughing it”, but thanks to an unfortunate day, good friends and good karma, we ended up in the ultimate spot for what we budgeted for practically camping.

Sadly, my camera was stolen (darn it!), so we don’t have any great pictures to share, but we’ll be back :)

5 thoughts on “PR to CR…Temporarily ;)”

  1. Hope you have an awesome time. Maybe a disposable camera will do (if you can find any) I really want to see your pics. Good luck!!!

  2. this reply is for Katrinakruse….
    Costa Rica is not what you think it is
    believe me, we sold our place there because of the high crime and it is not
    secure at all.

  3. Katrina – Patricia is right. Although this place is beautiful and the food is delicious, the smash-and-grab crime here is ridiculously high.

  4. I love that you went to Montezuma! Spent a summer there this year and I loved it. I’m a half Puerto Rican girl looking to relocate to Rincon with my husband, and just happened to come across your blog. Great resources!

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