Our Family

Summer Hogan and Stefan Rest moved from California to Puerto Rico! We bought a house in Rincon, Puerto Rico, that was unfinished and had no running water or electricity. This blog is a chronicle of our move and construction on the house, how things work in Puerto Rico, reteaching ourselves Spanish, blending into a new culture, raising our daughter Sydney and setting up shop in the tropics. We’ve never built a house before or had a baby, so this could get interesting!

A Few Pictures of Our Family – Summer, Stefan and Sydney

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Here are the current pictures from Thanksgiving to Christmas 2010

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A Few Pictures Before Sydney Was Born

Summer Hogan and Stefan Rest at Shipwrecks in Rincon
Stefan and Summer @ Shipwrecks in Rincon – December 11th, 2007

Summer Hogan and Stefan Rest in Puerto Rico

Summer and Stefan at Smilin’ Joes in Rincon Puerto Rico (pool area of The Lazy Parrot)

July 07 in Encinitas, dinner at St. Tropez

April 08 Chillin’ at the El San Juan Hotel

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Our life in Rincon, Puerto Rico…