Shared Office Space in Rincon – Short Term Rentals

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Hello everyone! It's been so long since I posted a blog on here, I feel extremely guilty and to make matters worse, now that I am finally posting a blog, it's promoting a business that Annie Turri and I started. It's not really for profit, it's for productivity. Let me explain. Annie and I both work out of


Sears Repair Puerto Rico Is Lame – Buyer Beware

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[caption id="attachment_1775" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sears Repair Puerto Rico is Lame"][/caption]I guess marketing works. When we were purchasing all of our appliances in Puerto Rico we didn't know where to go to buy them. Our biggest concern was how unreliable a warranty might be if we bought off a small local business. After a bunch of years down here,


A Rant About the Aguada Collecteria

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In order to have a legitimate rant about the collecteria, everyone needs to know what the collecteria is in Puerto Rico. Collecteria: The collecteria is a government office that collects money from businesses and individuals. An example of an individuals' payment is state income ta, property tax or to cash in lottery tickets. An example of a payment


Puerto Rico Employee Filing Information for Employers

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Regarding Fondo report, this is a workmen insurance provided by the PR government that each employers must have. In the beginning the employer should visit or call the nearest office of the State Insurance Fund Corporation (Corporación del Fondo, in Spanish), fill an application in which among other related business information you should estimate the salaries of your


Power Outage and Rainy Weather

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I woke up this morning at 6:00am. I have a lot of things I would like to do today, none of them are related to working on the house or yard :-) I worked on 'work stuff' all day Saturday to take today (Monday) off and go golfing. The only thing stopping me from going to Aguadilla to


Estoy Enloqueciendo – Nadie se Casa en la Hacienda de Gobierno

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I really am going nuts here. Puerto Rico is making all of its businesses follow new strict tax guidelines, registration guidelines, exemption guidelines etc so on and so forth which are making me go crazy. Basically, like all governments, they want to have their hand in the cookie jar. I'm cool with that, as a matter a fact,


Puerto Rico Corporations | Tax Exemptions

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I am officially living in Puerto Rico full time now, and since I don't have any property or assets on the mainland, I decided to take advantage of the very generous tax breaks both the federal U.S. government and Puerto Rico give to businesses that move their mainland companies to Puerto Rico. I am currently in the research