Artwork For Our Blank Walls (Finally!)

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The walls of our house have been built for a couple of years now, but decorating the walls proved to be more difficult than actually building them. There isn't much of an "art scene" to speak of in Rincon, so the art selection is pretty limited. There are a couple of small galleries here, and we've picked up


Faux Finish Paint – Summer’s Office

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Before my last trip to San Diego, I wanted to get the paint done in my office. Unfortunately I was rushed, didn't read the faux painting instructions and it wasn't turning out the way I wanted it. So I abandoned the project, until today. Here is the base coat + partial paint that didn't turn out: I'm doing


Not Painting – Surfing

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What I haven't been doing with my time is painting the sealer on the walls downstairs. Summer and I wanted to get the sealer on the walls downstairs this week so we could get rolling on decorating her office and getting the tv room downstairs ready for the couch (which arrived today). I set up the brushes, paint


Plastering Cement Block Walls

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Jerry and the twins have been working on plastering the downstairs walls and they are almost done! Here is a picture of Stefans office with one wall complete: Unfortunately, the yard doesn't look as nice... It looks like the downstairs is going to be ready to rock by the time I get back down to Puerto Rico, so